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1.7 - 1.10 Support

WFloydBoy a posted Sun at 12:00

Hello Everyone,

As of a few days ago, I have updated the Hub, Creative & Blitz to full 1.8. What this has allowed me to do is add support for not only for 1.9 & 1.10, but 1.7 as well. The only changes for 1.7 players that I have noticed is some modifications to the enchantment menu, but it's still fully functional. 

With this change I have also gone ahead and re-added something that Creative players have been missing for long over a year now and that being Pets!

If you're a 1.7 player, and you are lucky enough to spot my glorious pet Rabbit on Creative, you will find that he appears to be a bouncing chicken:

In other news, we are putting the finishing touches onto Blitz and hope to have it ready for the official launch very soon. We are also finalizing a few more things with Tribes before we officially start the beta. Stay tuned :)

- Floyd

SquirtleSquad01 About how long do you think it'll be before the Tribes beta begins?
vldpkha Hype!
meat312 +1

BlitzPvP Beta Has Begun

WFloydBoy a posted Jul 22, 16

Hello Everyone!

The BlitzPvP Beta is now live for everyone to join. You can connect now using play.blitzpvp.net on version 1.10.2 (Now 1.7 - 1.10.2!)

We need your feedback before release so if you don't mind, please visit the discussion thread http://bit.ly/2aiLxL2 

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you everyone and I hope to see you all on Blitz!

Introducing BlitzPvP

WFloydBoy a posted Jul 14, 16

Hello Everyone,

After a prolonged break, I am back to share with you one of the servers I have been working on and is now ready for beta!

What is BlitzPvP?
Blitz is a standalone kitpvp server running on the latest version of minecraft (1.10.2) that introduces King of the Hill, Airdrops and many new custom features to improve the overall gameplay experience.

Why have a beta?
We will be using this beta to work out any existing bugs, as well as work out how the server should play and can be improved before the official release of Blitz. Currently the combat system is vanilla and during the beta we will work to improve it to what is most fair and fun to play.

Will the server have kits, ranks, pay2win aspects?
There are will be zero pay2win aspects offered and no ranks available to purchase during the beta. We will however be making all future supporter perks available to everyone during the beta period in order to work out any potential issues. BlitzPvP will be 100% EULA compliant as will every future server I introduce and work on. The EULA may make my job harder, but it truly makes the game much more fair and entertaining for everyone.

I bought a rank on Wrath, will I get one on Blitz?
If you were someone who supported Wrath, do not worry. All Wrath Supporters will be compensated with a lifetime rank on Blitz! There will be a rank claiming process in the future, more info on this soon™.

When does the beta begin?
The open beta will kickoff on Friday, July 22nd.

Closed Beta Info
If you are someone interested in testing out the server sooner, feel free to either pm me your in game name or post it in the discussion thread and I will be adding a limited number of people to try the server early to work through some more glaring bugs I may have missed.

What is the ip to connect?
You will be able to connect with play.blitzpvp.net on version 1.10.2.

Other News
Tribes is still going. A lot of plugins on Blitz will be utilized on Tribes as well. You can expect an announcement post about it very soon.
Plug.dj is back online and our room still exists 
Check us out there: https://plug.dj/wrathpvp 
Discuss this post: http://bit.ly/2acAWkf 
Join our teamspeak server: ts.wrathpvp.com

- Floyd

pikpaya looks like its gonna be a minecraft server
shmkane soon™️
meat312 Excited!
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