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Sorry for the inconvenience maintenance has caused but we are now back online. You can expect compensation in form of "vote spamming" on Skyblock and Factions tomorrow throughout the day!
Server us currently undergoing maintance and will be up and back in 100% working order Tomorrow!
HCF is now Live hope you are all having fun.!
HCF Beta/Kit Map is over. HCF server will be back online at the SOTW on Friday!
Skywars now has 10 new maps and all donators can use any kit they want!
You do not have access to shout
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Connectivity Issues

WFloydBoy a posted Tue at 16:48



I am making this quick post to let you all know that we are aware of the current issue and working to have them resolved ASAP.

Thank you for your patience and I hope to see you all in game soon!

- Floyd

HCF Map 1 Release!

WFloydBoy a posted Aug 2, 15

Hello everyone!

Today I am very happy to announce the official release of WrathHCF and the start of Map 1! The beta map which turned into a kit map has served its purpose and we are confident in going forward so you can expect the start of Map 1 to take place Friday, August 7th at 2PM EST.

Now for the features and setup planned for Map 1:

  • Map Kit
    • Limited Enchants: Protection 1, Sharpness 1, Power 4
    • Disabled Enchants: Fire Aspect, Knockback and Punch.
    • Disabled Potions: Invisibility, Strength, Regeneration, Extended Poison, Extended Slowness
    • Disabled Crafting: God Apples (ID: 322:1)
  • King Of The Hill
    • These will occur multiple times a day and the rewards for these can be previewed with /koth loot. The list of Koths are:
      • Village
      • Temple
      • Kingdom
      • End (Located in the End)
    • Cap time for all these Koths will be 15 minutes.
  • Weekly Koth
    • Palace will be a weekly Koth event that will have its own exclusive set of rewards.
    • Cap time will be 30 minutes.
  • Deathbans
    • Standard deathbans will be 3 hours.
  • Villager Trading
    • Emeralds are the currency. You can sell materials for Emeralds and buy items with those Emeralds.
  • Miner Kit
    • Wear iron armor and receive haste 2, night vision, water breathing and invisibility at Y:20 & below.
  • Archer Kit
    • Wear leather armor and receive speed 2, resistance 2 and deal additional damage with a bow and arrow.
    • When you right-click sugar to get additional speed for a short period of time.
  • Bard Kit
    • Wear gold armor and receive speed, regeneration, resistance and weakness.
    • When holding certain items, you give buffs to yourself and your faction members around.
      • Iron Ingot - Resistance 1
      • Ghast Tear: Regeneration 1
      • Magma Cream: Fire Resistance 1
      • Sugar: Speed 2
    • When right-clicking with certain items, buffs and debuffs are given to around players.
      • Iron Ingot: Resistance 2
      • Blaze Powder: Strength 1
      • Magma Cream: Fire Resistance 1 (Longer)
      • Sugar: Speed 3
      • Feather: Jump 2
      • Slimeball: Slowness 1
      • Red Mushroom: Poison 1
      • Spider Eye: Wither 1
    • Buffs go to faction members and yourself. Debuffs go to enemies and yourself.
  • Faction Info
    • Faction Limit: 30
    • Ally Limit: 1
    • DTR Max: 5.5
    • DTR Min: -5.5
    • Max Land: 36
  • Border Sizes
    • Normal: 3k
    • Nether: 3k
    • End (No building)
    • The plan is to expand the WorldBorder throughout the life of a map.
  • Random Information/Features
    • Mob Stacking (Certain mobs will stack to reduce lag)
    • No Enderchests
    • Crowbar (Mines Spawners and End Portal Frames)
    • Looting EXP Multiplier (Higher the looting on your weapon, the more EXP given when killing mobs)
    • Spawn-Tag (A glass wall will spawn to block you from returning to spawn when you are in combat)
    • PvP Timer (Be protected when you first join and when you respawn. You can not enter faction land when PvP Timer is enabled)
    • Deathmessages (Your kill total will be displayed in deathmessages)
    • DeathSigns (When you kill someone, a sign is placed in your inventory telling you the date and time of when you killed them)
    • End World Spawners (In the End, there are Enderman and Creeper Spawners as well as a single Slime Spawner)

Now lets discuss the ranks. Currently there are only 2 donator ranks. The ranks are called MVP and Ultra. Ultra is the highest of the 2. The description of each rank can be viewed at http://shop.wrathpvp.com. The ranks are not synced with the Global Ranks because HCF is a monster of its own and I will not be the sole manager of it. However, there will be complimentary ranks given to all the past WrathPvP donators. If you are currently the Bronze or Silver rank, you will receive 30 days of MVP. If you are Gold, you will receive 30 days of Ultra. If you are Titanium or Cobalt, you will receive 60 days of Ultra. If you are Platinum, you will receive 90 days of Ultra. If you are Crystal, you will receive 120 days of Ultra. Again these are complimentary so please do not complain because nothing here being given was ever guaranteed to you when you first donated. I am giving these ranks as a gift and the last thing I would like is to have people complain about being given something for free.

The ranks will be redeemable at this link http://shop.wrathpvp.com/category/520967 when the server launches. The link is null right now because once you redeem your rank, the time on it starts. You can extend your ranks length by getting a currently discounted subscription or with a discounted lifetime rank purchase.

I hope you are all feeling excited about HCF because it's finally coming! If you have any questions or suggestions, please be sure to leave a reply or message me about it. Thanks everyone and I can't wait to see you all this Friday!

Harreehhh MVP yo
Scottish_PvP Nice. Roll on Friday!.

And... We Are Back!

WFloydBoy a posted Jul 31, 15

After much consideration, we have decided to move back to this website. We moved away from Enjin last September and have seen vast improvements in the website's capabilities. That combined with a very nice looking theme, I think this site will work out well and better than it did before we ever switched. If you wish to browse the old website to gather something from their, you can do so by going to http://old.wrathpvp.com

If you notice any bugs on this website or suggestions, please be sure to share them so we can get them fixed or implemented ASAP. Thanks for the support everyone and stick around for a soon to come update post regarding Hardcore Factions and other Network updates!

- Floyd

Kate_Hawkry Bug: When I press the faction link it just brings me to the home page.
Hansolo200 Just choose juan sheeeesh
Harreehhh plus 1