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    Applications will not be open for the month of August but will reopen in September!
    Staff applications for July are now closed! All applications will be reviewed very soon!
    Applications for Staff Positions on WrathPVP are now open!
    Map Reset is scheduled for Saturday, May 31st!
    New poll: When should the map reset?
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    Status updated Just now
    WrathPVP Teamspeak
    Account unsynced - Une one of the following options to sync your site account with your TS3 account:
    Option 1 - Click Connect
    Connect to Server
    Option 2 - Use Privilege Key
    If you already have an account on the TS3 server then connect & input this key in Permissions > Use Privilege Key.

    - Vote Changes: 1 mcMMO credit for ever vote and all the lucky vote rewards are now possible to acquire.

    - Faction Member Limit is now 30.

    - Rules Modified: Most notable change is alternate accounts are now allowed but ban evading isn't. 
    We made this change to try and address the problem of unclaimed bases due to players not being able to claim bases because of the lack of power.
    If you own an alternate account you would like to be unbanned, please click here: http://bit.ly/1pDtzku

    - Player Reports & Appeals are now private. 
    This should prevent a lot of the unecessary arguing that has been going on & make it a lot easier for administrators to review.

    - Portable Horses Added for Emperor & higher donators. 
    Video Tutorial here: http://youtu.be/zVOc-JQd0cA


    If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding this changelog, please leave a comment down below this post. Sharing your questions, comments or concerns anywhere else besides the comment section of this post will be treated as spam because it's out of its place.

    Thanks for reading everyone. Have a nice day & expect some KitPVP fixes soon, Mob Arena to be added and KOTH?

    - Floyd

    ihavebigdick Floyd instead of making the rule: no alt factions. Just make it max 25 chunks buffer.
    gv3006 I think we shouldn't allow alts on forums.
    deadrat9 Wait so are you allowed to use alts to get more power or not?
    IP: Kits.WrathPVP.com


    - ELO Based Rankings: Players are ranked based on their ELO Score. Players gain ELO by winning matches and losing matches. The amount gained by winning lost by losing varies depending upon their opponents and their own ELO Score. 

    - 1v1s & 2v2s: Face off against other players and teams in ranked matchmaking and climb your way to the top. (/1v1 and /2v2)

    - Duels: Face off against any player or team of your choice. (/duel <name> )

    - Teams: Create a team and fight against others in 2v2s & Team Duels. (/team)

    - FFA: Fight for your life in an arena pvp battle where it's every person for themselves.

    - Kit Saving: Create a custom loadout at spawn, save it & load it whenever you're up to the challenge.

    Hello everyone!

    Today I am proud to announce that the WrathPVP Kit Server is now finally ready for public testing! During the testing period, things may break and will be broken. Nothing shown during the testing period is final so don't get too attached.

    We are only accepting a limited amount of players to help test, find and report bugs for fixing. If you're interested in helping test the server, leave your in game name as a reply to this post & I will add you to the whitelist. If you find a bugs, please explain what happened, how is occurred and try to be as detailed as possible as to how we can reproduce the bug. 

    Franklindrosbelt Franklindrosbelt
    Avediss Avediss
    Chipped_tooth Chipped_tooth

    Map Reset Delay & Why!

    WFloydBoy a posted May 31, 14
    Hey everyone!

    Making this post quick to let you all know that we had a problem with our initial attempt at resetting the map. The problem was that our custom terrain control generator got messed up while generating some chunks & due to this, a lot of chunks were messed up. Our options were we either deal with corrupted chunks for the next 3+ months that the map was going to last or we could use a new world. We obviously chose a new world because the server would have been unplayable if we committed to option number one. We don't have an exact time of reset but we are working hard to get it to you all as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please join the server's teamspeak, wrathpvp.enjinvoice.com & you can speak to me personally. Thanks for understanding!

    - Floyd

    Edit: The map reset is now scheduled for Sunday, June 1st at 3PM EST / 2PM CST / 8PM GMT & if you haven't seen the map yet, here's a preview!
    p3t3r_johnson how often do admins check the ban appeals because i wanna play so bad but my appeal hasn't been checked yet
    RmaxC it didnt work i cri
    HailStormz Already knew what 1/2 of it looked like.
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